Storage / warehousing

Storage / Warehousing

South India Relocators has customized warehouse and storage facility with effective laid out floor plan with fire prevention construction, along with high levels of security and adequate parking facilities for all kinds of vehicles, including container trucks. As per the storage services, we provide two kinds of storage facilities; permanent storage and storage in transit (SIT) for international shipments and domestic household goods.

All goods/shipments under storage are properly tagged for identification for quick retrieval. All permanent storage shipments have been allotted to a special and less active section of our warehouse. Separate area in storage warehouse is allotted for oversize items, packing materials, re cycling materials and carpentry work. Air conditioned storage facilities are also available.

Periodical inventory reports are taken and goods/shipments under storage are physically inspected, under a properly implemented warehouse management program/system and are adequately insured.

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